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Posted by Hera pe 16/11/2008

Poate nu are nici o legatura de afara, dar pentru mine are o mare legatura.

I am sorry… I am not there for you, I am so far away – it breaks my heart My heart is broken, but the pieces belong to you – I will try and fix it I am sorry for all the trouble I have caused you, I am sorry for it all I have never lied to you, I just can’t lie to you I’d rather have my limbs be pulled slowly and painfully off me than to lie to you But I am lying… I tell you that Im there for you – but I’m not I hate myself for it, I want to be there, I want to stay with you always You’re so far away… I’m so far away… apart It hurts, it stings my heart and makes it bleed I am sorry for always being upset when we talk – I am sorry for being such a burden… I am pathetic, and I dont deserve you… You’re always so sweet to me – and it makes me feel guilty People say that it’s normal to feel this way – is it? To be feeling this burning, tearing, impaling feeling in my heart, my soul and my mind? I don’t know what to do… I just love you so Love is something I love and hate… Love can be painful It’s the most painful thing I have ever felt… and yes… it hurts everytime I think of you And you’re always on my mind… Dont feel guilty for this… its just me being childish – and in love I love you… forever… and Im sorry for everything I have done… Forgive me…

Mi s-a spus o data : „Ai orgoliu si tupeu cu noi si cu cine trebuie nu ai” cateodata aveau dreptate, cateodata nu.Acum am impresia ca mi-a fugit tot orgoliu.Ca nu mai am, ca … ca…. mai bine sa o las asa.

Sunt pusa in situatia sa zic acelasi lucru…. ” Ai orgoliu cu mine, da cu altii nu”

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Ai incredere in mine?

Posted by Hera pe 04/11/2008

Am auzit azi , la televizor, o discutie intre indragostiti; el intreaba:

¨Ai incredere in mine?¨

La care ea ii raspunde:

¨Nu, dar te iubesc¨.

Si mi-a dat putin de gandit.poti iubi pe cineva fara sa ai incredere in persoana respectiva?Eu cred ca nu.In iubire e un element chiar foarte important increderea.Nu spun ca daca iubesti inseamna ca nu te va insela niciodata si veti fi fericiti pana la adanci batraneti, ci pur si simplu ca trebuie sa ai incredere.Daca nu ai incredere, nu il lasi, de ex sa iasa la o bere cu prietenii, nu il lasi sa se duca pe undeva fara tine, si asta ar dauna relatiei, logic si normal, dupa calculele mele.Nush, asta vroiam sa zic.Atat.Increderea trebuie sa existe daca exista iubire.

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